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Project management guides

EUOSHA / OiRA Communications Strategy & Implementation Plan 2014 -2020

In the risk assessment of the OiRA project, the “low take up of the tool by end-users” (micro and small companies) has been considered as a “high risk” for the project. So, to reach micro and small companies (basically to ensure that they know about the existence of the OiRA tools) and then to invite/encourage/convince micro and small companies to use them is a top priority for the project. For this reason it is important to set up a comprehensive OiRA promotion / diffusion strategy at two levels: 1 - EU-OSHA level, 2- OiRA partners level

EUOSHA / OiRA Communications Strategy & Implementation Plan 2014 -2020 - Read More…

Project Management Guide

How to set a Project Management Plan for the creation and promotion of OiRA tools

PDF document icon OiRA-Project-Management-Plan.pdf — PDF document, 195 kB (199771 bytes)

Advice on the preparation and implementation of OiRA tools

A short guide with advice on how to plan, develop, implement, maintain and updat an OiRA tool for your sector

PDF document icon OiRA-guide-creating-maintaining-tool.pdf — PDF document, 171 kB (176111 bytes)

Guide on promotion and implementation strategies for OiRA

This guide provides Member State policy makers, EU and national social partners, OSH-experts, researchers and other relevant networks or associations with information on the implementation strategy of sector-specific risk assessment tools for micro and small enterprises.

PDF document icon OiRA-promotion-strategy.pdf — PDF document, 441 kB (451761 bytes)

Guide on EU funding for OiRA

The ambition of this Funding Guide is to make the strengths of OiRA relevant regarding EU funding programmes

PDF document icon guide-on-eu-funding-for-OiRA.pdf — PDF document, 476 kB (487443 bytes)