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Promotional materials

translations (opens a new link in the EU-OSHA corporate website): OiRA Letáky (cs), OiRA Φυλλάδια (el), OiRA Brožúra (sk), OiRA Brošura (sl)

translations (opens a new link in the EU-OSHA corporate website): Často kladené otázky FAQs (cs), Συχνές ερωτήσεις (el), OiRA Často kladené otázky - FAQ (sk), Pogosta vprašanja o orodju OiRA - FAQs (sl)

EU Partners


SHIPSAN Joint Action, OiRA tool poster


OiRA partners websites & OiRA promotional material



OiRA leaflet produced by UBK/UCB (Belgium) about the Belgiuan OiRA tool for hairdressers; also check the Coiffure.or website and their news on OiRA (in FR - NL)



OiRA website


OiRA website

OiRA website road transport

Leaflet sent to all road transport companies with 1-19 employees (15.000 leaflets sent)

OiRA bookmark 'restauration'

Article in a sector magazine - Catering


OiRA website


OiRA website

Slideshare presentation where practical aspects for registrations and use of OiRA is given



OiRA website

RI&E video

Other materials



OiRA websites: 1, 2

Main articles:

Make a simple OSH assessment in offices – Article on OiRA, SAOP Business Solutions

Preparing risk assessment with OiRA tool – DELO Newspaper

OSHA News on VEM portal (Portal for small business)

Preparing risk assessment with OiRA tool – “My Micro”, DELO Newspaper

Employers are responsible for healthy workplaces – Promorske novice (Littoral Newa)

Risk assessment with cost-free web application STA (Slovenian Press Agency)

OiRA – Role of the Ministry, 47. International Trade and Business Fair, Celje, Slovenia - Statement

OiRA - Role of the Ministry – Presentation (ProZDRAV Project)


Conferences: 5-11-2013, 13-09-2014



Generalitat of Catalonia

Confederación Nacional de Autoescuelas