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Support to OiRA community members for the development of OiRA tools


Type of procedure

OiRA low value procedure (maximum 40.000 EUR per Member State) launched and managed by EU-OSHA. The Agency will sign the service contracts directly with the OSH experts/organisation following a low-value procurement process (minimum of three offers required).

Relevant intermediaries
FOPs / OiRA partners who have already signed the OiRA memorandum and have already published at least 1 OiRA tool.

Main objectives / services provided for under the contract:

  • Development and testing of at least 3 OiRA tools (the contractor will be required to closely liaise with the national FOP / OIRA partner (along with the social partners from the sectors) when developing the tool. FOPs / OiRA partners will be involved in the process of validating the tool).
  • Development of promotion strategies / products for each tool/sector (based on the OiRA promotion/supporting documents produced by EU-OSHA).



Relevant intermediary

FOPs / OiRA partners who are willing to join the OiRA community (after signing the OiRA memorandum).

Main objectives / services provided for:

  • National adaptation of the OiRA tools generator (OiRA Content Management System) (translation – adaptation to the national language / OSH context of the OiRA CMS).
  • Training provided to the national experts – OiRA country managers
  • Financial support for the development of the first OiRA tool (budget available 10.000 Euros). Negotiated procedure for low value contracts.
  • Translation into the national language of some OiRA documentation (short guide, OiRA leaftet, OiRA FAQ, …)

Deadline for indication of interest

National FOPs / OiRA partners indicate a need throughout the year (there is no deadline). As soon as their request is submitted, the OiRA team in partnership with the national FOP/OiRA partner will establish a working plan (including the services mentioned above).