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Oct 30, 2014 - A Bulgarian OiRA Community Will Work on New Risk Assessment Tools for the European Employers

Representatives of the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency (GLI EA) and the creators of the 30 OiRA tools for different economic sectors, developed under GLI EA’s Prevention for Safety and Health at Work project, agreed to keep the tools updated on a regular basis

Efforts will also be put into the creation of brand new tools for activities, not covered by the project. The participants in the meeting, organized during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, also agreed that funding shall be sought from various sources.

The Bulgarian tools are available for free use by both the Bulgarian and the European employers. In Bulgaria they are accessible at: and the European employers may reach them through the OiRA platform, developed under an EU-OSHA project, at:

At the meeting, the experts, who created the Bulgarian risk assessment tools, made a decision to unite into a Bulgarian OiRA community. The idea is to assist the updating of the developed tools, to develop new ones and to facilitate their promotion. The tool developers discussed their concerted actions towards studying the feedback from the users of the already created tools, their updating and the development of new ones, finding funding, promotion, etc. A decision was reached that, based on the outcome of the survey, the tools shall be in conformity with the suggestions of the users. They shall be updated, adding new risks, good practices, references to EU Directives and to reflect the amendments to the legislation. The GLI EA will act as a coordinator of the process, being the owner of the rights on the OiRA tools. Yet another decision was to promote the tools at direct meeting with the users and through practical demonstrations. Steps shall be made towards promotion of the Bulgarian experience abroad, mainly across the region, and to work in active collaboration with the social partners. The creators of the Bulgarian OiRA tools shared the opinion that the development of the latter implements in advance the European OSH Strategy 2014-2020, putting an emphasis on the provision of practical support to small and micro enterprises to help them to better comply with health and safety rules. The meeting, adopting the idea of creating a Bulgarian OiRA community, was initiated by the Balkan Institute of Labour and Social Policy. Within the GLI EA’s project, the Institute conducted the largest survey on the working conditions, ever made in Bulgaria. On the basis of the survey were determined the 30 economic sectors of highest risk in the country, for which the interactive risk assessment tools, now available, were made. Codes of good practice and OSH profiles were developed for the same sectors. OSH Management Systems were also developed for 13 sectors under the same project.