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Aug 09, 2011 - EU-OSHA at the XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work - programme available!

EU-OSHA at the XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work - programme available!

OSH World Congress 2011 - Istanbul

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) will be both an exhibitor (Stand D124) and symposium organiser.

We invite you to our stand to meet the EU-OSHA experts, to see the launch of the Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool (OiRA) and to take our EU-OSHA quiz!

Our OiRA project is the first initiative at EU level to encourage and support European micro and small-sized enterprises of all sectors in assessing their risks by putting an online risk assessment tool at their disposal that is user-friendly, sector-specific and free of charge.

Don’t forget to participate in the EU-OSHA quiz – prizes to be won!

Exhibition hall- Monday 12th/Tuesday 13th September 2011
  • Monday 12th:

10:30: OiRA Project: General presentation by Lorenzo Munar (EU-OSHA)

An overall outline of the Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool’s Project under development by EU-OSHA to facilitate employers to implement their OSH related strategies.

15:30: How does OiRA work in practice? by Kate Palmer (EU-OSHA)

A brief workshop on the functions of the toolkit will be held. This will assist possible OiRA developers to better know how to create a tailored sector-specific tool.

  • Tuesday 13th:

10:30: Safety with a Smile (Napo) by Marta Urrutia (EU-OSHA)

An introduction to Napo and his friends. Learn about the animated videos which provide an appetiser to OSH through their engaging characters, amusing story lines and humorous, light-hearted approach. An innovative project to introduce OSH themes through Napo in primary schools will be also presented.

12:00: Implementation of OiRA in Cyprus, by Marios Charalambous (Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. Department of Labour Inspection in Cyprus)

Review of the experiences of the OiRA implementation in Cyprus, across different industry sectors.

15:30: Origins of OiRA, by Ingrid Larmoyeur (MKB – RIE)

Outlining the background of the OiRA project, which is based on the successful development of the Dutch RI&E (Risk Inventory & Evaluation) instrument, which to date has generated 172 tailor-made digital RA tools.

EU-OSHA at the World Congress symposia - Wednesday 14th September 2011

EU-OSHA is proud to be one of the Symposium organisers at the World Congress. The EU-OSHA hosted symposium will be a fantastic opportunity for various OSH experts from all five continents to learn from one another and to establish networks and contacts.

  • Wednesday, 14th September

09:00: Symposium 25: EU-OSHA Prevention in small and micro-enterprises, Symposium Hall

A disproportionate number of work-related accidents and ill-health occur in small and micro-enterprises. This symposium will launch the OiRA project, support the Turkish authorities and international actors in occupational safety and health and demonstrate the benefits of the European tripartite approach.

The symposium will be chaired by Armando Silva (European Commission, DG Employment) and will feature keynote addresses on Worker protection in Small and Medium Enterprises from David Michaels (US-OSHA) and on OiRA – The Solution from Jukka Takala (Director, EU-OSHA), followed by a panel discussion on Prevention in Small and Micro Enterprises.

EU-OSHA experts will also speak at the following symposia:

  • Symposium 1: The gender dimension in OSH policies and practice Gender and OSH policies and practice, some experiences form the EU by Sarah Copsey and Elke Schneider
    Monday, 16.00 – 18.00
  • Symposium 24: Quantitative and qualitative indicators – Global indicators on Evaluation of OSH by Director Jukka Takala
    Tuesday, 16.00 – 18.00
  • Symposium 5: The implementation of the model ‘from school to work’ in different countries, Sarah Copsey participating at the round-table
    Wednesday, 9.00 – 11.00
  • Symposium 27: International partnership in OSH training – Training as an essential part of the prevention approach by Tim Tregenza
    Tuesday, 16.00 – 18.00