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Apr 24, 2014 - OiRA at the Get Online Week 2014 in Latvia

The Latvian Focal Point actively promoted OiRA during the European Get Online Week, an annual digital empowerment campaign that engages and empowers people to use technology and the Internet..

By Linda Matisane, EU-OSHA Focal point,


What is the Get Online Week?

The European Get Online Week is an annual digital empowerment campaign that engages and empowers people to use technology and the Internet with confidence and skills that allow them to benefit of the world of online opportunities. The campaign was happening this March 24-30th at ICT learning centers (also called “telecenters”) in public libraries, NGOs & education venues across Europe. In 2014, the main focus of Get Online Week was on employment and digital jobs, consistent with the policy and industry efforts to reach higher employment rates and to better match the e-Skills supply and demand. For more information on the European Get Online Week visit the webpage:


What we did during the week?

The core idea – link between workplaces and ICT skills - was very much linked with the main idea of OiRA and this was identified as a possibility to promote OiRA through partners that through other means are not reached. Therefore, State Labour inspectorate of Latvia decided to take part and support the week through:

  • a very short article in a special newsletter prepared by the Latvian organizares of the Get Online Week (we used edition for employers) – we described OiRA Latvian tools as well as insertd link to the tools and link to a specific PPT presentation – a step-by-step guide in Latvian  describing the use of OiRA;
  • organisation of 6 seminars in computer classes free of charge during the Get online week (taking advantage of the premises offered by regional partners).


What are the benefits we see?

  • Use of non-traditional partners for organization of trainings (e.g. business incubators, libraries, reginal vocational training centers etc.);
  • Information on and links to OiRA tools published on other webpages, still available there after the end of the Get Online Week;
  • List of regional partners of the Get online week who are interested in promotion of IST tools in Latvia who might be contacted for seminars later:;
  • Low-cost seminars (e.g. no costs for premises, use of computers, internet, no costs for dissemination of information and registration of participants).


What else is important?

The level of activity of this week in different countries ranks from very low to very high. Latvia has been one of the most active countries in this project for the second year in a row. Check who is the coordinator in your country and get in touch for the next year:

I hope you will be as satisfied as we are!