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OiRA web platform


OiRA is an online platform which consists of the OiRA tool generator (where developers create sectoral tools) and the OiRA sectoral risk assessment tools, accessible through an interactive website where small and micro-companies can perform a risk assessment.

OiRA platform


The OiRA tool generator is provided for free to Sectoral Social Partners at EU or national level (employers’ and employees’ organisations) or EU/National Authorities.

OiRA admin


Sectoral Social Partners at EU or national level and or EU/National Authorities (tools' developers) use the OiRA tool generator to create risk assessment tools for different sectors, for example the hairdressing sector. These tools - OiRA sectoral tools - are then available to small and micro businesses to carry out risk assessments in their business.

OiRA client

Basics about the OiRA tool generator

  • EU-OSHA will grant a log in (account) to authorised users (Sectoral Social Partners and EU/National Authorities) to create OiRA tools
  • The tool generator is very easy to use. You don’t need any programming experience to get started.
  • You create a risk assessment tool by adding business activities and potential risks in a given structure: modules, sub-modules, risks and solutions (preventive measures).
  • You can create a new tool from scratch, or base it on an existing OiRA tool that suits your needs. For example, you can copy the Cypriot tool for hairdressers and modify it, thus avoiding having to create one from scratch. Then adapt the content to your own sector and country.


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OiRA software is opensource and the content of the OiRA tools is protected by the Creative Commons license - Attribution Share Alike (

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