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OiRA community

Screenshot OiRA application

The OiRA community is made up of the organisations/people developing OiRA tools. It aims to facilitate the development of OiRA tools by stimulating the exchange of tools, knowledge and good practice, promoting collaborative work, reinforcing existing relationships within the community and creating new ones.

The members of the community share the same values:

• Putting practical risk assessment tools at the disposal of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) free of charge

• Supporting MSEs to properly assess their occupational risks and by this way improving their working conditions


Who are the members of the OiRA community?

  • Sectoral Social Partners at EU or national level (employers’ and employees’ organisations)
  • EU/National Authorities (Ministries, Labour Inspectorates, OSH institutes, etc.)

All OiRA community members are requested to sign a Memorandum of understanding that provides the basis for the cooperation between them and EU-OSHA.

The community members stay in regular contact with EU-OSHA, meet once a year to share information and experience, share the content of OiRA tools, participate in the OiRA Linked in group.


What is the committment of the OiRA community?

All members commit themselves to:

  • develop OiRA tool(s) or adapt  existing OiRA tool(s) to a given sector and to national legislation
  • involve the end-users (employers and employees of micro and small enterprises/organisations) to ensure that the OiRA tool(s) responds to end-users’ real needs (especially in the testing phase)
  • update the content of the OiRA tool(s) on a regular basis
  • disseminate the OiRA tool(s) and, as far as possible, give assistance to the end-users
  • collaborate with EU-OSHA and give feedback about the tools generator, the materials and the diffusion model
  • be involved/participate in the evaluation(s) of the OiRA project (to be managed by EU-OSHA)
  • share the developed OiRA tool(s) as well as the experience and knowledge acquired with other members of the OiRA Community


What is the added value of the OiRA community?

  • General agreement / common perception that cooperation at EU level for the development of risk assessment tools is needed, especially in a context of economic crisis and limited resources
  • Mutualising (pooling) efforts / resources at EU level: OiRA community members build on what other members are doing / have developed already
  • Fostering cooperation among EU/national OiRA community members / researchers
  • Building bridges, strengthening collaboration, setting up new ways of exchanging/sharing information.


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