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Information for Non-EU countries and international organisations

What does the OiRA project offer to Non-EU countries and organisations


  • "EU" refers to EU bodies and bodies within the EU Member States, EEA States, candidate and pre-candidate countries
  • "Non-EU" refers to international organisations and States not otherwise covered above
  • the European OiRA project is structured in accordance with the European Union’s risk assessment model, which may differ from that in other States

OiRA partnership policy

Priority for OiRA is given to EU organisations and EU Member States.

For Non-EU organisations and States EU-OSHA provides the free download of the OiRA tools generator (the web application for the development of risk assessment tools). Dealing with this software requires knowledge of Plone.

Please take into account that:

  • we are constantly updating the software
  • the source code of the OiRA application is GPL licensed.

Any further assistance and information, for example related to maintenance, installation, information on how to deal with the software, etc. is not provided for any Non-EU interests.

Access to the risk assessment tools which are hosted in the EU installation of the OiRA is currently not provided, but might be possible in the future. However, this does not preclude mutual technical cooperation.

For further information please contact